Delicious, beautiful, and good for you – what could be better than a Strawberry? Our growers take pride in creating a berry that’s bursting with flavor and available year-round for your enjoyment. A favorite fruit for many, strawberries are right at home for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Watermelons are a delicious summer treat enjoyed by many. At Sweet Life Farms, we take great pride in the care we take to ensure our watermelons are harvested at the peak of freshness. We make sure each watermelons is strong healthy and delicious. In our prime watermelon season, we send our products to many customers throughout America to be enjoyed at summer cookouts, parties, or just as a delicious snack.

Sweet Life offers Watermelons in the following packages:  8 ct. mini  & Mini Melon Carton

Health benefits of Watermelons
Watermelon is rich in Vitamin-C and contains around 20% of your daily value. Watermelon also contains Vitamin-A, which promotes skin and eye health. One slice of watermelon has about 85 calories making it a healthy treat to snack on at lunch, while enjoying the sweet deliciousness.


Blueberries have been linked many different health benefits. They have been shown to help retain memory ability, lower the risk for some types of cancer and are also a great source of natural antioxidants. They are packed with Vitamin-C and contain an excellent source of fiber. Want to be healthy while enjoying a delicious treat? Make blueberries a part of your diet. Many Americans do each year and the amount of blueberries consumed has been increasing each year. Why not give our blueberries a try. Your taste buds and health will thank you.

Health benefits of Blueberries
Native Americans were known to use the potent blueberry to treat coughs. These tiny little berries do indeed pack a punch. They rank the highest of any fruit for antioxidants (those free-radical-fighting powerhouses), and one cup delivers 14% of the recommended daily dose of fiber and nearly a quarter of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Blueberries are also low in calories — fewer than 100 for a full cup, making this little berry a great alternative to unhealthy junk food snacks.


Blackberries have a sweet, tart flavor, making them a perfect addition to salads or fruit smoothies. They can also be used as a topping for yogurt or blended into savory sauces that are perfect for meat recipes. Blackberries can be enjoyed by themselves, as a light snack (best consumed in moderation) or dessert.

The blackberry is a robust fruit that can be easily stored: simply wash the berries, cut off the hulls, and vacuum seal in a Ziploc bag before storing in the freezer. They will keep for several months – just defrost and they’re ready to go!

The nutrient list of blackberries is extensive. They are loaded with vitamin C, but are low in calories and sodium. They are an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber.
Blackberries are also rich in vitamins A, E, K, and B vitamins, as well as antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which scavenge free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that play a role in aging and chronic diseases.

Mixed Veggies

In addition to our wide variety of berries and melons, we also grow a variety of different vegetables at sweet life farms. We take great pride in our ability to not only cater to those who enjoy the “sweet treats” but also those who love the taste of a crisp pepper, or ripe tomato. At Sweet Life, we invite you to try a part of the “Crisp Life” we also have to offer.